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3.    Annadeva of the Codakula destroyed Jaggavaga and
other enemy cities as feva destroyed the three cities; Annadeva's

4.    His devotion to Siva, Brahmans, etc.

5.    He married Irnganilbika, the daughter of Oakravarti,
sister of Pinnundi Raja, and the fruit   of the good deeds of the
solar race i Coda'*.

6.    Virabhadra, the light of the solar race,  was the  issue
of that marriage.   Praise of Annadeva resumed.

7.    Annadeva conquered the southern rulers at Attili and
gave protection to 10,000 of his enemies who surrendered in
the heart of the i'ortress of that city.

8.    A fight at Kakaraparti on the banks of the Godavari
in which Annadeva was helped by Pinnundi Raja is described
as a sacrifice performed  with  the Kannadas and others  as
sacrificial animals, for the protection of Annadeva's ally.

9.    Annadeva, who had vowed the protection of kings that
besought his aid, protected the line of Kataya Vema in his desire
for fame.

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After the death of Praudha Devaraya, Vlraraya ruled  at
Tijayanagara for five years from S. 1347 Visvavasu to S. 1352.

Kaifiyat of MalatMdikaml>miadinne, Z. R, 37, p. 301.

There was a Brahman called PrSlugamti Tippana, (1) who
became extremely prosperous owing to the favour of Prandha-
»y» whom he served as a commander. (2) He built a qopura
to th« temple of Virupik§a at Hampi; constructed .